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it was in my senior year of high school that i met him.  i’m certain i’ll never forget that moment i laid my eyes on him.  skateboarding in front of me, he looked up and flashed that big smile my way.  my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest and my face turned all shades of rosy.  he was gorgeous.  i never meant to fall in love with him.  but his laugh was infectious.  and he made me feel important.  he didn’t care what anyone else thought of me.  and when he held me in his arms, i knew he loved me.

that’s my love story.  ya, i got ridiculously lucky.

my passion for photographing other people in love began a couple years ago.  photo shoots were thrilling and frightening to me.  but as i began understanding the ingredients of a beautiful image, the magic and the joy began to abandon me.  i grew hungry for the very opposite of the posed ‘look at him, give her a kiss’ photo shoots i had been doing.  the true story was missing.  i want to witness you feeling alive, your open hearts, sincere expressions, the creation of real memories to be cherished with every image.  i think of myself as an explorer now.  i restlessly yearn to discover our world, the beings around me and my own soul.  i am fascinated by connections, the depths of our imaginations, the energy we transmit, and the power of a story.

i dream of telling stories of you + your love sipping tea, laughing over days past.  in the woods, playing with your dogs.  on the beach, running into the crashing waves.  committing your hearts to one another on your wedding day.  at home, cuddling in bed with your children.

there’s something else that i’m passionate about.  and if you spend any amount of time looking through our blog, you are probably already in on this one.  for as long as i can remember, animals have been intrinsic parts of who i am.  as a child, i spent most of my time with other curious creatures, mainly dogs.  i remember one of my first dogs, dez.  she was a rottweiler, that for the first part of her life, lived outside in a fenced run in my family’s backyard.  i would make chicken noises at her and run up and down the chain link fence as she chased me, hopping along on the other side.  when she was tired, dez would sit down and press her body against the fence.  i’d stick my hand through and massage her dirty, dusty fur and tell her my secrets.  when it was time to come inside, she would howl and my heart ached leaving her.  she was my best friend.  resonating with dez’s yearning to be loved, i began to wonder about all the dogs in the world that didn’t have their person.  at around 8 years old, i asked my mom to take me to the spca and i began volunteering there.  my love for the unloved has only grown since.  into my adult years, i have come to learn about the overpopulation of dogs (and cats) across north america // the world and the heartbreaking reality of how this is being handled.  it has become a deeply rooted desire of mine and trav’s to better the lives of as many homeless dogs as we can.  and so, we shamelessly advocate adoption and because of you, we get to give to some pretty rad organizations.

these are some of the important parts about me.  and i want to know the important parts about you.  we’d love it if you took the quiz and said hello.

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