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elaine + kramer [adopt a lovey wednesday]

soo.. you may have noticed that it’s thursday.  i have not blogged shit all lately.  i didn’t even do my favourite adopt a lovey wednesday post yesterday.  i wish i had a cool story like we were kidnapped by pirates and held ransom at sea (that doesn’t make a lot of logistical sense but whatevs).  but really, it’s because we moved.  a sleeeeeew of things have been a happening over here (that’s a whole different blog post that i may or may not write today), but one thing that hasn’t been happening is THE INTERNET.  apparently when you move, you need to book an appointment with shaw to get things all re-hooked up, in advance.  dually noted.

anyway, onto important things.. KITTENS.

firstly, there are a LOT of kittens and cats for adoption right now at LAPS (and at any shelter).
secondly, they are so presh.
thirdly, if you have love in your heart, you should adopt one.  or two.
fourthly, i present to you.. elaine + kramer..

they were picked up on a farm, just as babies.  so stricken with fear, elaine + kramer were completely shut down.  they were fostered for a little while and now these little 4 month olds are at the langley animal protection society waiting for their forever home(s).

both elaine + kramer are very sweet, gentle and soft spirited.  and both are very timid.  they will require a loving mama // papa that is patient and will give them time to develop their confidence.  they have lived with other cats + dogs but a home that is more on the quiet side would be best.  it’s not a requirement for these two to be adopted together but they have been together thus far and hell, what’s one more kitten?  :)

if you could give these sweet loves a chance at a wonderful new beginning, i promise your life will become so much more enriched.  go on and call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.

a of t+a



(he had a bit of a camera shy melt down and was all, “no photographs at this time please.”)

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