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we started this blog with the intent to show our personal work, our lives, who we are.  hell, it even says at the top of our blog “these are our adventures, this is our life.”  but instead, i (ash), in charge of all things social media, got scared.

scared of being judged.
scared of not being good enough.
or worse..
scared that nobody would even care to look.

trav + i are insanely fortunate to have some incredible mentors, brilliant artists + explorers of the photographic industry that warned us that this would happen.  we were advised that we can’t give a shit about how many views // likes //comments we get or don’t get.  we’ve been told over + over, “keep going.”

but i let it happen anyway.  i let fear win.  i’ve been silent.  i pretty much have only been showing our ‘adopt a lovey wednesday’ posts because that’s not about me.  that’s for the animals.

but we’re at a pivotal point.  and i’m sick + tired of being a baby.  my over thinking is going to continue to be an issue, i know.  but i’m damn determined to try + overcome my mind.

with some dirty laundry aired, i’ll leave you with a few favourites of our recent adventure to amsterdam + york.


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admin - thank you, heather for your very sweet words. :)

Heather Giuriato - Just read about you two in Langley Times, so had to check out your blog. First off I want to say good for both of you following your heart and fulfilling your dreams, we could all learn from you in that regard. Don’t EVER let someone else define who you are! Sure we all appreciate accolades but you are living your dream and making it a career you love and that shows up in your photography as well as your blog. As a fellow animal lover I want to thank you both for all you do to help LAPS, you give of your time, which is one of the most precious commodities any of us have in our busy world. You have reminded me to look for the joy in the simple things that surround us everyday, so thank you. I will definitely be watching your careers as I know you will achieve great things with your art!

admin - thanks so much for the love, guys. i so hope you all know how ridiculously awesome you are. :)

paul anglin - The beauty of your photographs is that they allow us to see a part of your soul. The images are filled with peace, tranquility and love. The simply beauty found in the everyday. Thanks for sharing

Fiona - We are very similar,Ash. Every day there is some war waging in my head as to my validity as a photographer, writer, artist and whether anyone else other than me cares. but having people who believe in you pushing you forwards is sometimes what’s needed to jump over those hurdles. You’re lucky that you have those mentors there to guide and nurture that seed, giving it roots and believing in it’s growth.
Keep pushing and keep creating.
We love you work and your ambition.
much love, from Sydney x

Amy - Guess what?… Everyone that has told you not to care is right. These images are some of your strongest to me. I love them. Like really really really LOVE them. So proud of you keep bringing me this kind of stuff Lady. I can’t help but look when I know that it has your heart in it. xoxoxo

Katie Bauer - Love these photos, guys! ….and I’m always having that struggle that no one will like what I have to offer. Insecurity is my worst enemy, but I have to keep reminding myself that those thoughts aren’t important, and they are like a cage. Thanks for sharing; I was encouraged!

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