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guiness [adopt a lovey wednesday]


photographing him was unlike any other dog we’ve photographed.  typically we use treats, squeaky toys, tennis balls, high pitch voices, whatever we have to do to get the dogs’ attention towards our cameras.  but guiness was uninterested in all of the above.  as soon as we placed him where we wanted and walked back to our positions, he’d follow.  i couldn’t figure out what to do to get him to stay and pay attention.  but trav quickly discovered guiness’ secret.. straight up huggin’.  he would hug guiness while i composed the photograph, then when i said, “now!”  he’d release his arms and dash out of my frame while i pressed down the shutter.  then he’d quickly hug guiness again before he could move.  it was definitely an endearing realization.. all this boy wants is love.

guiness is a 10 year old, male beagle that came into the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY as a stray.  he is affectionate and soft spirited.  it was quickly discovered that guiness has a hard time being alone.  he was very sad and emotional alone in his kennel, so now he hangs out in the kitchen at the shelter, usually with his buddy opie.  he will require a partner in crime, someone that can be with him a lot, perhaps someone that works from home or is frequently on the road that can have guiness riding shotgun.  if you can give guiness the special attention he is need of, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  and we’ll IOU a hug of your own if you share this sweet little man.

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