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pepe [adopt a lovey wednesday]


sweetness.  wittle, adorable, underbiting sweetness is what you’ll get from a little man by the name of pepe.  he was roaming loose in a langley park when a young girl found him.  with no ID, pepe was brought into the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY as a stray.  nobody has ever called looking for this darling (what the crap, right?) so now he waits for a mama // papa to come love him up.

pepe is a male yorkie mix, about 1-2 years old.  he’s easy going, cuuuuuuuute and cuddly.  if you can give this monsieur a wonderful new life, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.
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admin - hey lori! i believe so.. if you call LAPS at: 604-857-5055, they can let you know. :)

Lori Pade - Hi,
Wondering is still available for adoption?

guiness [adopt a lovey wednesday]


photographing him was unlike any other dog we’ve photographed.  typically we use treats, squeaky toys, tennis balls, high pitch voices, whatever we have to do to get the dogs’ attention towards our cameras.  but guiness was uninterested in all of the above.  as soon as we placed him where we wanted and walked back to our positions, he’d follow.  i couldn’t figure out what to do to get him to stay and pay attention.  but trav quickly discovered guiness’ secret.. straight up huggin’.  he would hug guiness while i composed the photograph, then when i said, “now!”  he’d release his arms and dash out of my frame while i pressed down the shutter.  then he’d quickly hug guiness again before he could move.  it was definitely an endearing realization.. all this boy wants is love.

guiness is a 10 year old, male beagle that came into the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY as a stray.  he is affectionate and soft spirited.  it was quickly discovered that guiness has a hard time being alone.  he was very sad and emotional alone in his kennel, so now he hangs out in the kitchen at the shelter, usually with his buddy opie.  he will require a partner in crime, someone that can be with him a lot, perhaps someone that works from home or is frequently on the road that can have guiness riding shotgun.  if you can give guiness the special attention he is need of, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  and we’ll IOU a hug of your own if you share this sweet little man.

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cori + chris

it was 2010, she was working as a kokanee girl when she spotted him from across a bar in whistler, recognizing him from a snowboarding movie.  mustering up a few seconds of bravery, cori went over and told chris that he’s cute.  but with friends all around, cori was quickly whisked away and was just.. gone.  they found each other later on facebook but barely kept in touch.  8 months passed and cori was set to move to whistler from her hometown of langley.  but her new place fell through at the last minute and it seemed as though her big move + life change was going to be on hold indefinitely.  she was crushed.  but the universe would have it that chris was in sudden need of a roommate when his bailed.  days later, cori moved in.  knowing that it was generally a bad idea, they never planned on being more than roommates.  but the connection between them was undeniable and it didn’t take long before cori was sneaking up to chris’ room for cuddles.

when trav + i asked cori + chris what their perfect day together would look like, they gave the same answer.. make breakfast together, go back to bed, cruise down to the lake on the bikes, jump in the water + relax on the dock.  and that’s exactly what we photographed.

leaving this session, trav + i looked at each other, faces beaming, and both said, “this is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.”

// lifestyle work that is true and meaningful.
// hanging out with people that are wildly in love.
// photographing who you are and your perfect day.

that’s it.

bring more of this on and we are just freaking golden.

..cori + chris, thank you for being so sincere + so free.  ’til we meet again in whistler. :)

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Julia - This. This this this this this. So good.

dana - oh, how i LOVE these images! (that lake must have been freezing!)

Elizabeth - Wow – this post/shoot took is outstanding. Absolutely love it.

pen - What a wonderful shoot. Gorgeous images that will become even more priceless as the years roll by. Brilliant.

Chris Rioux - Beautiful!! What lovely images+couple. Great work!

Nadia - Lovely!!!! :) Great work

idgy [adopt a lovey wednesday]


her owner passed away so now idgy waits at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY along with her sister, kiara.  we met idgy as she chilled in the play area.  she was a little hesitant of the camera in her face (who isn’t) but quickly warmed up to trav, eyeing him up intensely trying to get all zeeeee scratches!

idgy is a 10 year old, female kitty cat.  she is outgoing + affectionate and ready for looooove.  if you think you could provide her with a wonderful new life, please go on and call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  if you’re unable to adopt idgy but are loving on those big eyes too, we would love if you shared her.

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Lisa - I’ve been watching these two sweeties as they spent a few nights at TinyKittens headquarters with amazing foster mom, Shelly. Idgy was a cool, affectionate girl from the start, with the most unique and endearing meerrooow. Her sister, Kiara, was a bit more shy, hiding from the camera for a couple of days. But then I watched as she blossomed in the comfortable setting of a home, with Shelly’s sweet voice encouraging her. It’s 10/2/13, and these two sister kitties have been at LAPS for 197 days – far too long for such sweet babies. Kiara actually became quite playful and affectionate after the first two days, and Idgy just knows how to grab your heart and hold on tight with her purrs and sweet meows. If these two babies could be adopted together, that would be so great. As Trav + Ash like to say, “what’s one more kitten?” Plus, cats are much easier to care for when there are two. They keep each other company and entertain each other, so they are less clingy and shy when they go to a new home. I love these girls!

Shane Kelley - they are going to separate two 10 year old cats – i’m sure they can find someone to adopt both if they give them a little time.

clark [adopt a lovey wednesday]


he was discovered living outside a stranger’s home and came into the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY as a stray.  now clark is waiting for a rad mama//papa to come in and take him home.

when we photographed clark, he was all about chilling with his lady kitties, clearly having no problem making friends.  clark is about 5 years old, super outgoing, affectionate + laid back.  and he looooves the outside area at the cat condo so it’d be a good idea to have an enclosed outdoor area for him or a cat harness to ensure clark gets his fill of fresh air safely.

if you are diggin’ this little dude, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  if you’re unable to adopt an awesome cat but still want to help him out, we would love if you shared him.  :)

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