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chantel + jason


he was chasing another when chantel came into his life.  but jason was immediately smitten and redirected his focus, asking for time with chantel the very same day he met her.  chantel was more reserved but obliged his request.  but with some tough stuff happening in chantel’s life at this time, jason became there for her in a way no one else ever was.. always asking how she was feeling and really listening.  it didn’t take long for her to realize that he was more special to her than a friend.  chantel + jason have been married for a couple years now and as you’ll see, their goofy + cuddly love is truly endearing.


ps.  chantel happens to be a rockin’ hair stylist with a rad salon.. just sayin’.


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Kristi - Oooh, I love these.

crackles II [adopt a lovey wednesday]


if you frequent the adopt a lovey wednesday series, you’ll recognize this cutie from  her previous post.  we’re choosing to showcase crackles a second time around for a couple reasons.  the first being that she is the last of the 4 cats found on the shelter doorstep early one morning, which is now a very long 105 days ago.  the second, because although we already photographed crackles, this time she actually came out of her housing area aaand she even PLAYED WITH US!!  so we had to document more.  ;)

as mentioned in our previous post, crackles is shy of people.  she is curious though (i still adore our first collection of images of her peering over her blankie at me) and given the time to warm up, her sweet character comes out more and more.  crackles is about 1-2 years old and really loves other cats, but will need a special someone with the patience + heart to earn her trust.

it’s going to be a community effort to help this girl so if you find it in your heart to help her, we’d love if you shared this post.  or even better.. adopted her!  ;)  for more information on crackles, please call the Langley Animal Protection Society at: 604-857-5055.

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kermit [adopt a lovey wednesday]


he arrived at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY as a stray.  just a baby, little kermit now waits for his special someone – a mom//dad that has the desire to help him be the best dog he can be, that will love him with a whole heart.

when trav + i first laid eyes on kermit, i think we both squealed like little teenage girls seeing justin bieber.. kermit is just SO DAMN CUTE + SO WITTLE!  but when we took him in the play yard, unhooked his leash, grabbed some toys and turned around..*poof* kermit was gone.  panic hit for a split second, ‘DID WE SERIOUSLY JUST LOSE HIM?!??!’  then relief as trav spotted him saying hello to the dog in the next run over.  turns out this little man is so little, he was able to walk right through the small gap between the fence + the gate!  aside from that heart sinking moment, our time with kermit was so much fun.. we quickly discovered he’s a cuddler, a talented hopper and a pro at hamming it up for the camera.

kermit is a 5-6 month old, italian greyhound X chihuahua.  he loves affection, the spotlight and adventure!  this little guy is not a lazy lap dog; he is energetic + playful and will need a forever family that can keep up.  kermit does have reactive issues with other dogs and will need someone dedicated to helping him work through these issues to be the best dog he can be.  kermit would love to be an only child but could possibly go to a home with the *right* dog or cat (ie. passive, laid back).  for more information on cutie patootie kermit, please speak to his sweet trainer, gwen at LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting kermit is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this little man so that the right home can.  :)

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christine [valley gals event DJs]


1.  are you getting married // do you know + love someone who is getting married?
2.  do you like to move it, move it?

i [ash] had the immense joy of spending an afternoon last weekend with the fun, talented, soft hearted, mega babe christine white; owner + DJ of Valley Gals Event DJ’s.   today, we’re featuring her beautiful self + business because we whole heartedly believe in who she is and the joy she brings into this world [*untz untz untz*].   take a looksie through our mini session + our first ever vendor interview below.

oh.  and we’ve teamed up to create a killer deal..




tell us a little bit about Valley Gals Event DJs..

We are a complete DJ service which means we come to you, set up and take down our equipment, DJ, MC, provide lighting, play games and get to know our client’s vision 100% before we even get to the event, so that we know exactly what you want… because after all, it’s your party!!!

The company first started because my best friend and I had a vision to bring something different to the DJ industry, which mostly consists of men. We both had weddings that we meticulously planned for and we knew every detail it takes to throw an amazing party and why wouldn’t we? We are women, natural multi-taskers and party people! So this is how we started – we combined talents, she managed the bookings and I DJ’d for the events and it was love at first business name approval!

We opened in November 2011 and because of our names and reputations already in the industry (her event managing and mine DJ’ing for another company in town), we took off!  After almost a year of working together, my partner and I decided it was best to close our partnership and maintain our friendship. However, I took over the company in order to provide for my amazing family of 3 little girls (future Valley Gals), and not to mention the fact that DJ’ing is my dream career!!! And because the name had caught on, I kept it and decided to train some other Valley Gals, who would be phenomenal women DJ’s, just like our reputation promises.

tell us some of the important parts about who Christine White is; the lady behind the music..

Well, if I could describe myself as a song, it would be Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane because I am passionate for life, love and all of the above.  ;)

can you share a story // memory of your decision to take the leap of starting your own DJ business..

I remember staying up every single night when we first made the decision to open the business. I had two girls under the age of 4 and a 3 month old baby at the time and I was exhausted, but I couldn’t stop thinking of names, slogans, licences, contracts, advertisements… in general, I am a perfectionist and wanted everything to be perfect!  ;)

what was one of your most favourite moments DJing..

At one of the many amazing weddings I have DJ’d for, the men and women got on the dance floor to Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, lined up in front of each other and took turns singing each part back and forth… I will never forget it!

what makes Valley Gals Event DJs different..

The fact that we are women! The thing is, women plan nearly every event that is ever thrown! We know how to listen, understand and create the magic, in part due to the fact that we’ve all watched Cinderella a million times and we want the fairy-tale ending. <3

what’s one of the wildest things that has happened at one of your weddings..

At one wedding I was at, the bridal party came out from behind a curtain in nothing but small, small, R-rated  “outfits.”  Let’s just say, Nelly was right, it WAS hot in there!

when do you feel most happy // fulfilled // in love with what you do..

The moment when I see everyone on the dance floor with their hands raised, jumping up and down laughing and screaming, or when a slow song comes on and everyone has their loved ones close, singing and closing their eyes… I fall in love with DJ’ing all over again. Plus it doesn’t hurt that people tell me they love me… it’s amazing what good music can do!!!

what is most important to you as a wedding DJ..

There are many important parts to DJ’ing for weddings, but one of the most important parts is being attentive and listening to the bride’s lifelong dream for her wedding. The other is to do our job as professionals. We know how to get the dance floor going and read the crowd to maintain the desired atmosphere and although it is our job, it is much more than that. Music is so expressive and beautiful, it allows people to connect on a deeper level, and knowing our client allows us to reach those intimate levels and create lifelong memories for them.

can you fill us in on your magical musical process..

The magic of being a good DJ comes from listening to our clients vision and using our professional background to create it for them – knowing how to keep the crowd going and when to slow it down… there is a science to DJ’ing!  And music isn’t the only way to make a night amazing; it takes some special touches like fun announcements or games to keep the party going if it starts to die down. It’s all about interaction… the more people dance and interact, the better the party is going to be!

do you have a dream wedding you’d love to DJ..

Dream weddings happen all the time for us.  Every wedding we do is someone’s dream and that’s what we intend to help with… creating the magic.

 what’s the best way for a lovely bride to contact you..

If you want to know more about Valley Gals Event DJ’s, we would LOVE to hear from you!
Email: // Facebook // Twitter // Phone: 604-701-9133.
However you contact us, we want to provide our amazing services for your event!

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mila [adopt a lovey wednesday]


she escaped.  and it wasn’t her first time.  mila was lonely, bored, driven for a life of her own, so she fled the yard she was kept in day after day.  when she arrived at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY, her owners chose not to pick her up this time.  so now mila waits for a new life.. one where she can live inside with a family that will adventure with her + love her until the end.

when mila came into the play yard, i [ash] was so pumped.  if you’ve read about me, you know that my first best friend was a rottweiler.  in fact, i was surrounded with rottweilers my entire life, as i grew up in a home that breeds + shows rottweilers.  i have since created a new path for myself, advocating for saving homeless dogs of all kinds; but a soft nostalgic spot in my heart will always remain for this loyal + loving breed.  and mila, without a doubt, lived up to all my fond memories.  in pure rottie fashion, mila just wanted all the hugs in the world.  and as you’ll see, she was eager to smile for the camera in exchange for cuddle time.

mila is a 2 year old, beautiful rottweiler.  she enjoys affection, affection, and more affection.  she is a gentle, easy going girl and could even possibly go to a home with cats and children (possibly other dogs too, but she is in heat so this is unknown for the time being).  for more information on darling mila, please speak to her kick ass trainer, gwen at LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting mila is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this love bug so that the right home can.  :)

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Sara @ LiteraryLima - Oh my, she is ever so lovely, and so are those shots! I too grew up with rotties and can’t resist their big ol’ heads and kind eyes! What you guys do for these dogs is awesome. :)

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