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gertrude [adopt a lovey wednesday]


she came in as a stray but clearly was someone’s forgotten couch potato.  sweet gertrude, the senior pit bull arrived to the langley animal protection society severely overweight at 100 lbs. with nails so long, they curled under and she could barely walk.  nobody ever claimed this darling so now she is on a diet, with a fresh mani/pedi, awaiting someone to love for her remaining years.

when trav + i first met gertrude in the play yard, her intentions with us were made obvious..  get the lovin’ + get the food.  gertrude, otherwise known as gertie or gert, shadowed us around the yard, giving kisses, batting her soulful doll eyes + adorable scruff.  *cough* we may have assisted in her cheating her diet *cough* ..but how do you say no to a face like that?!  AND THE CUDDLES?!

gertrude is thought to be a 10 year old pit bull.  she enjoys car rides, affection and teddy bears.  she is a gentle, easy going girl and could even go to a home with a confident cat (no other dogs, please).  for more information on gertie, please speak to her awesome trainer, amy at LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting gertrude is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this sweet pea so that the right home can.  :)

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gertie II [adopt a lovey wednesday] » - [...] wednesday posts, you’ll already recognize this sweet face of miss gertie gertrude, who we originally featured in march.  because she is a senior + a pit bull, gertie has been at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION [...]

J. Dench - She’s definitely a sweet lookin’ gal, but unfortunately I have a pooch and Gertie isn’t to keen on that

Chantelle - Awwwww I just love her <3 I hope she gets the home she deserves. Soooo sweet!

that little dark voice


looking at myself in the mirror as i stretch during the cool down of an intense jillian michaels workout, thoughts like bubbles aimlessly drift into my head..

ew.  look at my stomach.
i’m so fat.
i really need to lose weight.
i used to be so pretty.
what time is it?
shit.  10:04am.  i’m off schedule again.
no matter how hard i try, i never make it.
i’m always late.
i’ll have to make my shower really quick, then speed walk the dogs, and figure out a blog post.
fuck.  a blog post.
i still haven’t written one personal post since we launched.
what’s wrong with me?
i have writer’s block.
or i’m lying to myself.
i’m just a baby and i’m too scared to share my feelings + our life.  ugh.
shit.  10:05am.  i need to move it.

as i get up off my mat, i feel woozy like something hit me.  and i guess something did.  because i suddenly recognize the dark little voice that just entered my mind and stomped all over me.

what the crap.
i just worked out.  hard!
why aren’t i proud of myself?
and yes, i’m off schedule, but i’m trying.
if anyone else was trying, i’d give them a hug + tell them they’re awesome for trying.
and i’d truly believe that.



if we would never say such cruel things to another, then why do we..

remind ourselves of our failures?
beat ourselves up for not being good enough?
cycle over and over what’s next on the list?

i know for me, that little dark voice in my head has made itself at home for such a long time that i usually don’t even notice the cruelty anymore.  but today, for a moment, i did.  i can’t say i understand the purpose in the little dark voice’s existence.. nor do i know if the little dark voice will ever truly go away.  in fact, i’m battling it again right now as i write this post.  but if i want even a chance at real fulfillment, at loving who i am, i have to try to conquer it.  and i don’t think i’m alone.


so, i say let’s try to..

recognize when that little dark voice is spewing bully vomit in our minds.
and when we hear it, decide that we don’t have to believe what it tells us.
remind ourselves of our successes today instead.
allow ourselves to be absorbed in happiness for each accomplishment, no matter how little.
focus on the beautiful parts of ourselves.
be thankful for this present moment.


and with things to be thankful for, i thought i’d share some imagery of one of our random adventures.  i adore exploring time with trav + our dogs.  the pup in these images is tank, our 140 lb. rotty X mastiff that we’ve been fostering since last summer.  he’s currently in the process of being adopted by a really awesome couple but our hearts are aching because he’s definitely become our family.  on that note, i am soo thankful to have had this fostering experience, to have gotten to know + love this big guy and to have been able to save his life.  *high five.*

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Diandra - Wow this post really hit home, thanks for putting it out there, I have always struggled with my little dark voice. This post is very inspirational

Thank you so much
Keep doing what your doing!

josh - The Four Agreements…read it…make them your mantras…Be impeccable with your word…Don’t take anything personally…Don’t make assumptions…Always try your best. Do those 4 things and you’ll stop beating yourself up, because if you’re impeccable with your word, there’s no room for that negative self-hate. Anyway, thought I’d throw that out there. Love to you and Travis…y’all inspire me!

Crystal - Ash – I don’t know you and you don’t know me…….but I’m a huge fan of your work and can totally relate to your post.

In fact – I relate so much that in February I started my very own blog about just this and called it 317 Days of Awesome. The reason I named it that is because the day I started blogging left with me 317 days in the year to stop all those negative thoughts and start being awesome.

I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. We are so hard on ourselves when really we should smile more, worry less, and embrace our inner awesomeness!

I have a completely new outlook on life….and it is refreshing! :)

courtney - you two are the loveliest. :) always a breath of fresh air visiting your blog. xo

crackles [adopt a lovey wednesday]

so.. it’s thursday.  can we pretend it’s wednesday?  because i totally air-headed out and forgot to publish this post yesterday.  *drops head in shame*…

left at the door step, with a note that said their names and “sorry”; crackles, along with 3 other cats were discovered at the langley animal protection society all crammed in one crate.  crackles mama, ‘mumsy’ was sick and so the cats quickly were put in isolation.

as i mention with half-pint last week, i’m stand off-ish with cats.  ironically though, that’s what drew me to crackles because she was mutually stand off-ish with me.  when trav opened the doors to her + sister, princess’ shared cat room, princess was quick to hop out, prance around the floor and play with us.  but crackles held back.  she was certainly curious of us, cocking her head from side to side and peering over blankets into my lens.  although intrigued, she was not quite ready to put herself out there.  i get that.  man, do i get that.  and so, i chose to spend most of my time with crackles.

crackles is a soulful girl, thought to be about 1-2 years old.  as you’ll see, her gentle spirit just radiates out of those big amber eyes.  and her timid nature, to me, just lends to her fascinating character.  she’ll certainly need someone who is kind + patient.. someone that can understand that when they take her into their home, she will be afraid; perhaps she will even shut down at first.  but her trust can be earned.  i so hope the right person reads this and is willing to make room for crackles in their heart and their home.  for more information, please call LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting crackles is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this darling so that the right home can.  :)

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crackles II [adopt a lovey wednesday] » - [...] frequent the adopt a lovey wednesday series, you’ll recognize this cutie from  her previous post.  we’re choosing to showcase crackles a second time around for a couple reasons.  the first [...]

Ginger - What sweet photos… :)
I hope she’ll get a great home– with the help if these images!

half pint [adopt a lovey wednesday]

they guess that he was hit by a car because he came in to the shelter with his pelvis smashed in on one side.  at just 5 months old, little half pint the kitten has suffered a lot of trauma in his short life.  thankfully, he is able to walk and play without difficulty or pain (but he does require some medication to ensure that he is able to have normal bowel movements).  and he is as cute as a little half pint button!  *pinch cheeks*

so.. with our first ever cat adoption post, i [ash] am going to whole heartedly admit that i am a little stand off-ish with cats.  this is likely because i was raised with dogs – a lot of big dogs, and well, cats are unknown to me and the unknown is scary.  truly, i never imagined that i would want to adopt a cat until a year ago when the right one forced his way into my heart.  but nonetheless, i am still hesitant with unfamiliar cats.  so when we walked into photograph the cats at the langley animal protection society, i was expecting that i would be pushed past my comfort zone.  but when i walked into the food prep room, half pint was lounging on a little pink blankie and looked up at me with his warm green eyes and all the expectations i had been holding onto quickly were forgotten.  trav + i laughed as we played peek-a-boo and gave this affectionate little man some snugglin’ love.  it really was a joy to spend some time with him.

half pint really deserves his forever family and i strongly encourage those that may be like me, the ones that are a little wary of all things cat, to go out on a limb and get to know one.  and half pint would be a great little dude to know.  for more information, please call LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting half pint is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this darling so that the right home can.  :)

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avery [adopt a lovey wednesday]

she was spotted running loose in a park for weeks until a kind soul finally brought her into the langley animal protection society.  although avery’s story will never be known, this gorgeous girl’s soft heart speaks so much.

when we walked into the food prep room, avery was resting as she had recently had her spay operation.  but she quickly got up to greet us, softly leaning her head against our bodies.  as we were photographing other dogs in the play yard outside the shelter, we used toys +/or treats to catch their attention.  when it was avery’s turn, we quickly realized her only interests: love + affection.  seriously, this girl is a gem, a very gentle gem that would be so easy to have as a family member.

avery is thought to be a 2 year old presa canario.  she is fully crate-trained and enjoys car rides as well the company of other dogs.  she’s a gentle giant and could even go to a home with a confident cat (no children, please).  for more information on sweet avery, please speak to her awesome trainer, amy at LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting avery is something you simply can’t do, perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing this sweet pea so that the right home can.  :)

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