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we danced.
and we cried.
and we laughed.
and had a really, really, really good time.

firstly, if you know these macklemore lyrics, you’re on my like list.  secondly, this is one of my (ash) + sophia’s many sing-a-long songs.  and it pretty much sums up our friendship.. we’ve spent many a night, dancing in my living room to our long lost 90′s mixes // crying + hugging in my car over heart ache // skinny dipping in the lake, laughing our faces off.  we just always have a really, really, really good time together.

i met sophia last april which is fascinating to think about because in less than a year, she has become one of the people i hold closest in my life.  sophia has reminded me that time doesn’t matter.  the amount of time you know a person is not what defines the quality of a relationship.  the really, really, really good time part is all that matters.

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ps.  we’re dreaming up s’more rad giveaways that will be exclusive to our facebook page likers only.  hint hint.

pps.  ^ this cutie pie is soph’s newly adopted puppy, bear!  she is also my puppers, soda’s estranged lesbian lover (it’s complicated).  if you want to see more taiwanese puppies like bear + soda, check out ocean dog rescue.    :)

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Greg Hoskins - These are insanely gorgeous.

j. shipley - these. are. stunning. wow.

Ginger - Ash, these are SO PRETTY! What a beautiful girl, beautifully photographed.
PS– I totally have to message you back still! I will do that! Haven’t forgotten! Just busy— yet, enough time to look at your lovely work!! :P (I’m long winded, so writing takes longer, haha)
Much love!

Chris Rioux - Travis+Ashley, these images are beautiful. Gorgeous images, and wonderful story!

Belinda - Oh Ash… I love being able to feel your muses thru your gorge imagery!

porter [adopt a lovey wednesday]

as we walked him out of the shelter and into the outdoor play yard, porter’s tail smacked my leg over + over with anticipation.  trav picked a pink teddy from the rubbermaid container of toys beside the gate and held it out, asking, “is this the one?”  the spark in porter’s eyes responded with a definite “YES!”  so we played.. hard.  we ran, we threw, we hugged, we asked porter to sit pretty, we snapped our cameras.  and the entire time, porter joyfully obliged every request.  this dog is awesome.

porter has been at the Langley Animal Protection Society since november 2012, waiting for his forever family.  he is approximately 3 years old (so no house training.. woo!), 50 lbs., neutered, Australian Cattle Dog X Labrador Retriever.  with those breeds, it’s really no surprise that this boy has energy and aims to please.  he is as happy as pie if you give him a job to do or a game to play; actually, he’d probably rock at dog sports (hey agility, prepare to be conquered by PORTER).  he would do best with a confident adult owner as well as no children + no cats.

if porter strikes your curiosity, please go on and call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 and ask to speak to his wonderful trainer, gwen (psst, we got to experience training with gwen when we adopted marley; not one word of a lie when i say she’s wonderful).  if you’re unable to adopt porter but that spark in his eyes melts your heart too, we would love if you shared him.

a of t+a


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lily + dash [adopt a lovey wednesday]


hey friends!  we’re starting a weekly feature  that we’re really excited about.. adoptable dog // cat wednesday!  if you’ve taken a looksie through our blog or talked to us for all of 5 minutes, you know that animals take up a big spot in our hearts and we are passionate advocates for adopting + saving a life.  so we’re super stoked to be volunteering for the Langley Animal Protection Society, photographing their adoptable dogs + cats and showcasing one (in this case two) on our blog every week.  weeee!

for our very first one, we’re showcasing a pair of ridiculously sweet seniors, a brother + sister duo.. lily + dash.  these pups are 7 year old yellow labs that have been together since birth.  they were family dogs until the kids grew up and well, sadly, they are no longer wanted (!!!??!? ..right?).  these two are incredibly attached.. as i walked lily out of the shelter to the yard, she kept turning her head, ensuring that dash was close behind.  be still my heart.  needless to say, it would be so unkind to separate them now, so LAPS is looking for a home where they can stay together.  they’re good with other dogs + have lived with a cat previously.  they also love car rides, playing in water, and foooood *cough* (and are on a hypo allergenic diet).  and let me tell you the real good stuff.. lily + dash are so loveable and huggable and they really truly deserve the most awesome forever family.  whoever adopts this pair is going to have such an enriched home + fulfilled heart.  if you’re curious, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  if you’re unable to give lily + dash the home they deserve, but you feel inclined to share them, well – we’d love you if you did.

a of t+a


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taylar + neal

they were friends as teenagers, both never really understanding how deep their connection could be until a couple years later.  one dark and rainy night, taylar spotted her buddy, neal from across the coffee house and snuck up behind him to surprise him with a big hug.  but as she wrapped her arms around him, he turned to face her, embracing her fully.  they held each other intimately for the first time ever and everything they thought they knew about their relationship changed in that moment.  that hug happened 8 years ago.  and it’s a damn good thing it did cos the love erupting from these guys is incredible.


ps.  they brought beers for all of us to their session.. which was rad.  wink wink nudge nudge, future muses.  ;)

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Ginger - These are fantastic.

courtney - GOOSEBUMPS you guys!!! So, so good. That one with her single tear and the whispering in his ear just slay. Amazing set!!!

Andrew Rankin - Fantastic images – love your style

abby mortenson - gorgeous!

Shuva Rahim - Wow… beautiful beautiful beautiful… LOVE this!!

Katie O'Farrell - so very beautiful and full of love…

Taylar's Dad - These Pictures show what forevers means! So Cool,very nice !

Colleen - Absolutely beautiful, raw nature in more ways than one, the eye sees so much more……….beautifully captured! WOW!!

Carol Anne - WOW! Such awesome pictures. Taylar’s raw emotion (tear running down her cheek), made me want to cry. So naturally beautiful!!!

amanda + justin [+ timber]

they’ve been friends since they were kids, started dating in high school and have been husband + wife for several years now.  they are both independent, driven souls with a passion for adventure.. no matter what they’re doing [traveling central america, donating their time to help others, running marathons, kickboxing, fishing, cooking amazing dishes, exploring with timber], whether together or separate, the love amanda + justin share is ever present and inspiring.  we are very lucky to have them in our lives [amanda is trav's sister] and when we hang out, their connection is just so obvious.  justin will hold amanda steady when we hike + explore on steep rocky terrain, ensuring she doesn’t fall.  amanda will leave a fresh pack of justin’s favourite wool socks in his drawer just because she was thinking of him.  together they’ll wrestle + run with timber and the sounds of barking + laughter will fill the air.  when they adopted their little mexicana pup, timber, we watched their marriage grow into a family.  and we love this family.  a lot.


ps.  just a reminder that our beloved session give away ends this coming tuesday.  win it by :
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Ginger - Sooo beautiful….

Lacey Forward - OH! These are sooooo great! You captured them so perfectly! 2 great people :)

Kristyna - these photos are beautiful! love the quotes you added too :)

Laura - * L O V E *

Calvina - LOVE! Such an amazing job. Love and miss you both!

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