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jace [adopt a lovey wednesday]


jace is the definition of the comeback kid, er, pup.  he was discovered as a stray at under 4 months.  since arriving at LAPS, he’s been through some major ups + downs with fear and medical issues.  but he has reigned triumphant through it all!  you must check out his full story on LAPS’ blog here.


jace is a male, 5-6 month old, pug/min-pin/beagle mix. he’s like the ‘everything’ bagel at tim horton’s.. all the awesomeness in one.  seriously.  jace is the best.


don’t you just wanna cuddle this wittle face?!  squee!


if you’re an awesome human being and have a heart for sweet little jace, please call LAPS to speak to his kick ass trainer, kayla: 604-857-5055.  if you’re unable to adopt, please consider sharing this blog post.  you never know.. you could be the connection between jace and his forever family.  :)

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celebrating tank  farewell tank022

it’s a time for celebration in the schulzie household.. it was just the 1 year adoption anniversary of our first foster dog, tank!  we’re so thankful that tank found such a wonderful mama & papa.  fostering tank for 8 months was an incredible experience and although it broke our hearts to say goodbye, we rest easy knowing he’s truly loved.  farewell tank006

we thought we’d honour our sweet big fella by putting him on the internets.  this collection of photographs was our last day with tank before he went to his new home.  farewell tank017

honestly, the below photograph doesn’t showcase the reality of playing a game with tank. i normally had to brace myself by holding onto a tree or a fence post because the big lug usually forgot his brakes.  he most definitely sent me into the air on a couple of occasions..  farewell tank009  farewell tank034  farewell tank029  farewell tank042

these two guys.  sigh <3  farewell tank049


such a tank face..

2014-03-18_0003  farewell tank079

the best huggers = the big dogs.  farewell tank081

2014-03-18_00042014-03-18_0005  farewell tank108  farewell tank107  farewell tank096

we tried to get a family photo.  keyword: tried.  farewell tank124

this about sums us up.  farewell tank120

for anyone considering fostering an animal for the first time, or even if the thought has never crossed your mind, we couldn’t encourage you enough. and would absolutely love to have a conversation with you.

ps. thank you, rob + marnie for loving tanky.  you’re the bomb.

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Marnie - Reunion: T-minus two days, can’t wait! Tank was so unbelievably lucky to find such wonderful people such as yourselves and we are so happy for getting the opportunity to love Tank as much as you two! He has so much love to give and the big brute manages to make us laugh at least once a day. I can’t imagine our household without him and we are forever grateful to you two for bringing him into our lives! Much love to you both; the three of us are SO looking forward to seeing you two soon!

Sarah - AAAAAAAHHHHH. stop it right now. he is the most preciousest creature. you are such beautiful souls, doing what you do for animals. this post made me miss you guys even more than I already did. FaceTime soon. very, very soon.

Shelly - What a beautiful tribute! We are saying fare-the-well to our first foster in about 2 weeks. It is going to be so very very hard, and we’ve only had him a couple of months. I can’t imagine how heartbroken you must have been to say goodbye to Tank after 8 months of love.

binky [adopt a lovey wednesday]  binky laps

fun: (fŭn) n.
a source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.

therefore, binky = fun. binky laps

binky is awesome.  he is playful, athletic, affectionate, attentive, well trained, terrific on leash, house trained, has a great energy level and is overall just fun.  binky laps

binky is a male, 1 year old, rhodesian ridgeback mix.  he came in as a stray and has been at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY for 74 days now, awaiting his forever parent(s).  binky laps

binky enjoys other dogs but is not a *dog park dog* as he can get too excitable.  for this reason, he also needs to go to a home with no cats and no children.  binky is an absolutely lovely dog looking for a confident, playful companion owner.

if binky sparks a little flame in your heart, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 to speak to his awesome trainer, kayla.  if adopting binky is something you can’t do, he would sure appreciate if you spread the word / this blog post.

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Binky II [Adopt a Lovey Wednesday] » - […] Meet Binky.  He is a 1.5 year old, male  Rhodegian Ridgeback mix.  Binky has been at the shelter for 5 months now and overlooked time and time again.  In fact this isn’t his first blog post.  To see Binky all daper, check out his first glamour shoot here. […]

rosco [adopt a lovey wednesday]  rosco  laps

oh rosco.  my new favourite (shh).  the very moment we met in the training room, with cameras in hand, rosco was like, “nice to meet you.. WANNA CUDDLE?”  seriously.  rosco  lap

rosco is just a super sweet, happy go lucky companion.  he is a looooooover.  he is a snuggler.  he likes people, dogs, cats.  he enjoys walks + car rides.  he is physically healthy and his trainer described him as “just a really easy dog.”

basically, he’s the dopest pup ever.


rosco is a 7 year old, male german shepherd cross.  he has been at the shelter for over a month now (say whaaat?).  he was found as a stray, chasing cars of all things.  although his owners were contacted, they could / would not pay to take him back.  le sigh.  rosco laps

rosco is looking for a home that will love on him forever and one without small children, as although he is very sweet, rosco can be a bit possessive of his toys.  if you are interested in this happy fella, please call LAPS at speak to his awesome trainer gwen at: 604-857-5055

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francine [adopt a lovey wednesday]  francine

she was found wandering in aldergrove.  no identification.  no where to go.  a kind soul picked her up, brought her door to door in hopes that someone would exclaim, “there you are, kitty!”  francine  LAPS

instead, francine now waits at the langley animal protection society, hoping that her new mom/dad will see her and exclaim, “she’s the one!”  francine  LAPS

francine is a female tabby, approx. 5 years old.  she is a tad slow to warm up but once she settles in, she is outgoing and affectionate.  she just needs someone to give her a chance.  francine  LAPS

if adopting francine is something you would love to do, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 for more information.  if you’d love to help this girl out in some small way, please consider sharing this blog post with your friends + family. :)

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