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bell [adopt a lovey wednesday]


“bell is an overlooked, hilarious, little diva.”


she was surrendered to the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY with her 3 kittens because her owner sadly went into the hospital.  quickly, it was discovered that bell was pregnant again.  she delivered 4 kittens at the shelter and was eventually adopted.


2 and a half years later, bell’s most recent owner made the decision to travel the world, forefeiting this spunky little girl back to LAPS.  this time around, bell has been at the shelter  for a long 113 days.


bell is an overlooked, hilarious, little diva.  she is frisky and enjoys playing (on her own terms.. ahem).  she could enjoy living with a tolerant // passive cat or dog sibling.  more than anything, bell just wants to be home.


bell is a gorgeous 4 year old, female, siamese mix.  if you could have a place in your heart + home for this lovey, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  if adopting bell is something you’re simply unable to do, she (+ we) would appreciate it ever so much if you shared this blog post. :)




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chester [adopt a lovey wednesday]

“i’m talking soft doe eyes and cuddles, lots of cuddles.”


he was spotted on + off for about about a week + a half on a stranger’s property in langley.  he smelled bad, had ear, eye and skin infections.  he was brought into the langley animal protection society  36 days ago with no collar or ID and nobody ever came looking for him.


despite the physical pain + neglected heart he has endured, chester the 5 year old english cocker spaniel, just wants to spread the love.  when we got to hang out with chester, ohmahgerd, let me tell you, he just stole our affections completely.  i’m talking soft doe eyes and cuddles, lots of cuddles.


chester has a very easy personality.  he is calm, gentle and *ADORABLE!*  but he will require a human with big heart to take on his ongoing medical issues.  chester will need to be bathed twice weekly and will likely require eye drops for the rest of his life.


chester has been having a hard time at the shelter and would really love for his new human to find him + fall in love soon.   chester gets very attached and may have separation anxiety in the future, so extra bonus points if you are home often.  chester will need to go to a big kids or no kids home due to some demonstration of resource guarding.  however, cat + dog siblings are a possibility.


if you want to love chester as he truly deserves, please call LAPS to talk to his wonderful trainer, gwen at: 604-857-5055.  if you are unable to adopt chester but feel so inclined to help this sweet darling out, we would love if you shared this blog post.  :)

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admin - Hi Meghan,

Yes! Chester has found his forever home. :)

Meghan - Has Chester found a home?

admin - hi kaisarina! germany.. wow! we are only the photographers for the shelter, but i would suggest contacting LAPS at: 1-604-857-5055 or by email: :)

Kaisarina Pettit - I live in Germany and would love to care for him.

What can we do?

sweet pea [adopt a lovey wednesday]

“but since spending more time at the shelter with the wonderful, loving staff + volunteers, sweet pea has come to learn that people can be kind and trustworthy.”


when we first met her, sweet pea rolled onto her back, revealing her belly to trav + i.  and every time we called her, she continued to react in this very submissive manner, which is very telling about her past.. it is believed that someone had likely been very hard on sweet pea.


sweet pea was found on a stranger’s property.  she had been lingering there for up to 2 weeks until she was brought to the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY.  she had no tattoo, microchip or collar.


but since spending more time at the shelter with the wonderful, loving staff + volunteers, sweet pea has come to learn that people can be kind and trustworthy.  sweet pea is wagging her tail when she sees people now, in fact, she’s actually excited to say hi to strangers!  and one of her new favourite things to do is curling up on the couch, just snoozing + cuddling all day.

sweet pea005

sadly, sweet pea’s difficult journey doesn’t end here.  a large tumour was found on one of her mammary glands and the results came back positive for cancer.  although the tumour was removed successfully, the cancer appeared very aggressive and there is a good chance it will grow back.

sweet pea007

sweet pea is a 5 year old, female bull mastiff.  she is an easy, gentle, loveable couch potato that is seeking a forever home with a BIG HEART.  sweet pea doesn’t like to start trouble and could possibly live with another dog or even a cat.  if you are interested in loving on this girl like she deserves, please call her awesome trainer, gwen at: 604-857-5055.

sweet pea002

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pumpkin [adopt a lovey wednesday]

“the other cat greeted him with hisses and low moans, to which pumpkin was just like, ‘okay dude, whatever’  and strolled off. “

by no fault of his own, pumpkin was surrendered to the langley animal protection society due to allergies.  this sweet little ham now waits for his forever family; one that will love him, snuggle him + play with him for the rest of his life.

pumpkin is ball of awesome.  he is affectionate, silly and yet, very chill.  when we first met him in the cat condo area at the shelter, we watched as he approached another cat to say hey.  the other cat greeted him with hisses and low moans, to which pumpkin was just like, “okay dude, whatever”  and strolled off.  then he jumped in his little house and proceeded to play a game of peek a boo with us.

pumpkin is a 5 year old, male, domestic long-hair, creamsicle kitty.  he has been at the shelter for 34 days now and is ready to be in your arms.  if you could make space for this sweet soul, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.


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super simple method to love anyone

“i suddenly cared for him and yet, nothing on our physical realm had changed.”

last year, trav + i took part in an incredible journey called life as an artform.  LAAA is, to put it simply, an intensive 3 day personal growth workshop while living with a group of strangers.  now, i consider myself to be a slow to warm up person.  my natural instinct is stranger danger and i struggle with talking to people that i don’t know.  so this idea of living with strangers, revealing intimate parts of who i am including all the dark + ugly stuff, well that scared the shit out of me.  but truly, i can’t say enough good things about this experience.  and i can’t wait to go again.

one of the most memorable + surprising exercises was at the beginning of day 1.  jesh asked us to choose a partner and to sit on the floor, facing one another.  trav + i didn’t partner together for any exercises throughout the 3 days as it just wouldn’t push us enough.  so, i paired up with a random guy (who turned out to be really rad + one hell of an artist), titus.  we were then asked to stare into each other’s eyes for an elapsed period of time.

this was over a year ago now and i still remember how awkward i felt.  as i looked into titus’ eyes, i laughed.  then i proceeded to feel his eyes looking back at me.  that feeling of judgement creeped in and my cheeks flushed hot + red.   i just wanted him to look away.

then we were asked to imagine one another as babies as we continued to look into one another’s eyes.  i took a breath and pictured titus as this chubby little toddler, with his ever-cool hair + glasses.  he was adorable!

then we were asked to imagine one another as elderly, all the while keeping our gaze.  i saw titus on his death bed (ya, i get right down to it).  i imagined him living a full life, saying his goodbyes and passing on to another plane of existence.  my heart ached.

jesh asked us to speak up about how we were feeling.  i told the group my weird truth.  although we had barely exchanged 10 words, i didn’t feel that titus was a stranger to me anymore.  i suddenly cared for him and yet, nothing on our physical realm had changed.  we still knew virtually nothing about one another.

i took home a few things from this exercise:

our imaginative realities are real in their own right.
our imaginations can be very powerful tools.
as cheesy as it may sound, our eyes really are windows to our souls.

and mainly, this lesson: we are capable of loving anyone.

this video // story gets me at the core and is what spurred on some of my memories of LAAA.  if you haven’t seen it already, enjoy..

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