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taxi [adopt a lovey wednesday]

she was unsure of us at first.  but honestly who can blame her?  with her person recently passed away, taxi waits at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY and there we were, strangers with cameras in hand, asking her to show off her cute little self.  but then she got a taste of the cookies and oh, taxi warmed right up.

taxi is a 9 year old jack russell terrier that acts likes she’s 3.  she is energetic, likes to jump and goof around.  she really doesn’t seem like a senior at all. she has always been well cared for and is vet approved as healthy and strong. :)

taxi is a typical jack russell.  she is intelligent, humorous, loyal and playful.  she is quite affectionate if given the time to get to know you.

taxi is house trained and crate trained.  and let me tell you, ohh, she will work for food.

she would be best suited for somebody experienced with jack russells as well as an adult-only home as taxi does not have experience with children.  although taxi has some male dog friends at the shelter, she likes to be the boss and would do best as an only child.

taxi really would love to be somebody’s loyal companion again.  please don’t close off your heart due to age, this gal has many fun loving years ahead.  if you are intrigued, please call LAPS and speak to taxi’s super sweet trainer, gwen at: 604-857-5055.  if adopting taxi is something you just can’t do, please consider sharing this blog post to spread the word.:)

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quinn [adopt a lovey wednesday]

quinn was found as a stray, running down the side of highway 1 with no ID.  nobody ever claimed this cutie so now he waits at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY.

when we met, he was a little unsure of us + the camera deal we had going on.  but we waited.  we were patient.  a handful of treats and a few tossed toys laters, quinn decided that we would in fact, be friends.

quinn appears wary at first but just like some people, he is slow to warm up.  quinn needs a person that understands that the world can be a bit of a scary place for him.  he will need someone that is patient + willing to take things a little slower.

but once quinn warms up to you, oh you are in for a ball of awesome.  quinn is super silly, he loves his toys and his people + dog friends.

quinn is a 4 year old, male, pitt bull mix.  he is looking for a quieter home with no children, but would be happy going to a home with a furry female companion.

if you have a place in your heart for this darling boy, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 to speak to his awesome trainer, becky.  if adopting quinn is just something you can’t do but you’d like to help him out (because you’re awesoooome), we’d love if you shared this post.

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gonzo [adopt a lovey wednesday]

i try not to have favourites, really, i try.  but this little ham sucked me in.  i mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE (!!!).

then i heard his story.  gonzo was living at a questionable home that goes through a constant stream of residents.  he had no real mama or papa of his own, no constant person to love him or care for his needs.

now gonzo waits at the langley animal protection society and all he wants is love.  don’t get me wrong, he digs treats + play time as much as the next pup, but gonzo loooooves love and will do everything in his power to obtain the snuggles.

gonzo is a 4 year old, male, surprisingly small american staffordshire terrier and is definitely an embassador for his breed.  he is a total softie and a lover of people, children, dogs + cats.

if you have a big heart for this love bug, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 to speak to his awesome trainer, kayla.  if adopting gonzo isn’t something you are able to do, please consider helping this sweet fella out by sharing this blog post.  :)

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admin - hey robert! we’re just the share-ers of homeless animals over here.. but please go ahead and contact the shelter! :) they’d be happy to provide you with information. email: or call: 604-857-5055

Robert fraser. - Wondering if gonzo is still available and if so my family and I would be very interested in relocating him to our home in Whitehorse Yukon Territory.

Any info is greatly appreciated

admin - hi other ash! i believe gonzo is still available. best bet is to contact his trainer, kayla at the shelter: 604-857-5055. :)

Ash - Hi, I am just wondering if Gonzo is still available for adoption? I have 2 energetic dogs and think Gonzo would make an awesome addition to our loving family. Does he get along with other dogs?

admin - that is such heartbreaking news, iris. :( thank you for sharing though. xx

Iris - First off, having gotten to meet and spend time with Gonzo I have to say that he is absolutely wonderful and such a sweetheart!

I do have an answer to Chris, and maybe it’s something that your blog could talk about? Gonzo would not be able to travel to Toronto as the province of Ontario has a strict breed ban on all bully type dogs (or even dogs of other breeds that happen to have the misfortune of resembling a bully breed type dog). If a dog looking like Gonzo was found in Ontario who was not grandfathered in that dog would be seized by animal control and face possible euthanasia and the owner may be subjected to fines and/or jail time.

admin - hey chris :) honestly, i’m not sure. best option is to contact LAPS at: 604-857-5055 or

Chris - Can Gonzo travel to Toronto? Or is he strictly a West Coast dog?

LAPS 6th annual fall gala [adopt a lovey wednesday]

(poster above includes LAPS staff member kayla, photography by us + graphic design by shelly at tiny kittens!)

so today’s adopt a lovey wednesday post is a little different.. today we’re promoting the Langley Animal Protection Society’s 6th annual “furry tail endings” fall gala, coming up nov. 2nd at the coast hotel + convention centre.

this gala celebrates the happy endings that LAPS has been able to create for hundreds of stray + unwanted dogs + cats throughout the year.  it is also LAPS’ biggest fundraising event.  it is only with the support of the gala guests that LAPS can continue their industry leading programs like their dog training + adoption program and their trap, neuter + release program.

this year’s theme is “snow white’s enchanted forest” and is planned to be ridiculously awesome.  fact.  the gala has been named langley’s social event of the year.  it’s a goody with nummy dinner, drinks, lovely conversation, dancing, entertainment + auctions.  you get to dress up, have a great time + feel awesome about doing so for such an incredible cause.

LAPS is in need of donations for the silent + live auctions.. things like products, gift certificates, services all help splendidly (aaand help to promote your organization too!).  if you’re  interested in donating, or would like to purchase to attend the fun activities (we’ll be there!), please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.

show your support for the animals.  :)






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sammie [adopt a lovey wednesday]


she showed up in a stranger’s backyard where she was cared for for a couple weeks.  it was noticed that she was missing fur and eventually the Langley Animal Protection Society was contacted.

sammie was diagnosed with non-contagious demodex mange which has been treated and is now completely cleared up (yay!).

sammie is warm and affectionate.  she is house trained and eager to learn more.

she would make a wonderful companion for humans and dogs, even a confident cat.  sammie has made several doggy friends at the shelter.

sammie is a spayed female german shepherd, approx. 11 months old.  she has been residing at the shelter for 70 days now and is super stoked to go to her forever home.  if you have a place in your heart for this sweet pea, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.  or if you would spread the word, sammie would be forever grateful.  :)

in other news, did you see our interview with the langley times last week?  pretty stoked for the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves.  take a looksie here (if for no other reason than to see the photograph of travis looking all handsome with the very darling, wilma).

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admin - thanks so much, christine! we are definitely crossing our fingys for sammi too :)

Christine - I love love love your site. I forwarded on the posting about Sammie to two dear friends and I am hoping they will contact you about meeting and hopefully adopting gorgeous Sammie – I know she would be perfect for them and they for her. Fingers crossed. She would make a divine playmate for Tibetan Terrier Tashi.

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