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gertie II [adopt a lovey wednesday]

if you frequent our adopt a lovey wednesday posts, you’ll already recognize this sweet face of miss gertie gertrude, who we originally featured in march.  because she is a senior + a pit bull, gertie has been at the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY  for 250 days.  now that is just poo.  yup.  poo.

who are we to not help + love the elderly?  i think i can speak for all of us when i say that we certainly wouldn’t want the world to turn it’s back on us when we get old.  another thing to consider is that an older dog like gert is calmer, requires less energy + ‘work’ and makes a perfect cuddle bug.  check out more bonuses on adopting a senior here.  in regards to her breed, just another pile of poo.  breed stereotypes are exactly that.. stereotypes.  which are misleading, discriminatory, hurtful and plainly, incorrect.  and if anyone is evidence of this it’s gertie.

she came in as a stray, clearly forgotten for a long time as she was severely overweight, with nails so long she could barely walk.  but gertie has only shown grace + love to everyone around her.  as a natural human lover, she really wants to be out of the shelter, at a home of her own.  she will be your shadow, your cuddler, your co-pilot when driving, your confidant, your BFF.  gertie is a gentle, easy going girl and could even go to a home with a confident cat.  however, she does prefer the company of humans and will require to be an only dog.

for more information on gertie, please speak to her amazing trainers at LAPS: 604-857-5055.  if adopting gert is something you simply can’t do, please help this darling get the home she deserves by sharing her with everyone you know.  :)

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Florence - She looks lovely! Did she find a home yet? I have a cat though, and our fence isn’t finished yet. But we have 6 acres in Mission and I love dogs and am a very good dog mom.

sam [adopt a lovey wednesday]

it was apparent upon introduction that sam likes the ball.  (i was so tempted to put an ‘s’ on the end of that last sentence.. *mature points for me!*)  mesmerized by the promise of play time, sam was polite as heck for trav + i.  and cuddles?  oh, bring them on.  this sweet man is a lover of the humans, hugging it out, laying back or goofing around.  sam is a loving, easy, loyal dog and IJUSTDON’TUNDERSTANDHOWHEHASN’TBEENADOPTED!

sam is male, labrador retriever mix, approx. 6-7 years old.  he awaits his forever family at the Langley Animal Protection Society.  fact: you will be awesome if you share this gentleman.  fact: you are incredible if you have a place in your heart for sam.  in which case, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055 and ask to speak with his wonderful trainer.  :)

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kory swaele - Oh, he looks so lovely. I however have 2 dogs which is all we are allowed in the City. I just wish I could adopt all your beautiful babies.

elaine + kramer [adopt a lovey wednesday]

soo.. you may have noticed that it’s thursday.  i have not blogged shit all lately.  i didn’t even do my favourite adopt a lovey wednesday post yesterday.  i wish i had a cool story like we were kidnapped by pirates and held ransom at sea (that doesn’t make a lot of logistical sense but whatevs).  but really, it’s because we moved.  a sleeeeeew of things have been a happening over here (that’s a whole different blog post that i may or may not write today), but one thing that hasn’t been happening is THE INTERNET.  apparently when you move, you need to book an appointment with shaw to get things all re-hooked up, in advance.  dually noted.

anyway, onto important things.. KITTENS.

firstly, there are a LOT of kittens and cats for adoption right now at LAPS (and at any shelter).
secondly, they are so presh.
thirdly, if you have love in your heart, you should adopt one.  or two.
fourthly, i present to you.. elaine + kramer..

they were picked up on a farm, just as babies.  so stricken with fear, elaine + kramer were completely shut down.  they were fostered for a little while and now these little 4 month olds are at the langley animal protection society waiting for their forever home(s).

both elaine + kramer are very sweet, gentle and soft spirited.  and both are very timid.  they will require a loving mama // papa that is patient and will give them time to develop their confidence.  they have lived with other cats + dogs but a home that is more on the quiet side would be best.  it’s not a requirement for these two to be adopted together but they have been together thus far and hell, what’s one more kitten?  :)

if you could give these sweet loves a chance at a wonderful new beginning, i promise your life will become so much more enriched.  go on and call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.

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(he had a bit of a camera shy melt down and was all, “no photographs at this time please.”)

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ginger [adopt a lovey wednesday]

she was thrown out of a car.  you read that right.  ginger’s owner + her boyfriend got in a fight, and he threw little ging out the car window.  freaking tossed her like her sweet little soul didn’t even matter.

love will save the day.

..trav + i truly believe that.  but when i hear of horror stories like this, i just.. i don’t get it.  i can’t wrap my mind around the awfulness of it all.  although i believe we are all connected, i can’t begin to understand the heart of that human being.  but the incredible, full of heart organization that is the LANGLEY ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY, restores all shattered faith.  ginger is now in their care, awaiting the wonderful home she deserves.

when trav + i got to spend time with this little munchkin, we’d never have guessed what she went through.  ginger is full of love.  and she’ll give you it in a nano.  she is happy, spunky, silly + ready to live it up.  she enjoys other dogs, car rides, and would make a great running partner.  oh, and in case you were wondering, ginger is a 3 year old, red miniature pinscher.   if you can give this little sweetie a wonderful new life, please call LAPS at: 604-857-5055.

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admin - this totally made our day! you guys are incredible! thank you so much for putting your kind, loving hearts out there. xx

Natasha - I came across this post and was so excited! My husband and I were looking to adopt a min pin for our family. We lost our beloved Milo (also a red min pin) in June after adopting him 11 years ago from the SPCA. We saw Ginger on the LAPS website and knew we had to meet her. It’s been 3 weeks since we initially went to see her and we get to take her home on Sunday!! I just wanted to let you know that she has found a very loving home where she will be treated like a princess and to thank you for caring enough to post adoptable pets on your site every week!!

- Natasha

trav 2.6


my dearest trav,

today is your birthday.

for 26 years you have brought so much light to this world.  and to me.

i think we all give much of our precious life reflecting on what’s not right.  but in this moment, i just want to reflect on what is so right, incredible even.

you are supportive.
+ patient.
you are vulnerable.
+ sincere.
+ compassionate.
you give all of yourself.
you are a trouble maker.
you are silly.
+ strange.
you are open minded.
+ open hearted.
you are a dreamer.
+ you encourage me to dream bigger.
you love fully.
you are wild.
+ free.

i am so fucking lucky to know you + to be truly alive with you.

happy birthday my babe.  i love you.

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admin - there’s something everyone needs to know about ash… she is the best wife on the planet :)

Amy - You 2 are the BEST. Happy Birthday Travis. I hope it was a wonderful day.

Andrew G - SO so SO Great!!

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