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choose the most likely answer for each question..


[1]  your dream date would be..
a.  a home cooked picnic at the local drive-in movie
b.  horseback riding on the beach
c.  sipping vino + stargazing from the rooftop
d.  hitting up a broadway show, then dancing the night away
e.  a breathtaking helicopter ride + dinner at a revolving restaurant
f.  anything, as long as it’s with your love

[2]  when you bump into an old friend, you..
a.  ask how the family is doing
b.  go with the flow of the conversation, chatting about this + that
c.  say ‘hi’ then explain that you’ve got to run
d.  excitedly give her a big hug
e.  tell her to text you so you can meet up for drinks sometime
f.  want to know how she is really doing

[3]  it’s saturday + the world is yours.  you plan on..
a.  putting on your lulus + watching old movies with the girls
b.  going for a beautiful hike and definitely taking along your camera
c.  trying out the new kickboxing place that opened up around the corner
d.  running a marathon
e.  exploring the city, checking out the boutiques + relaxing at your favourite cafe
f.  dropping off some old blankets at the animal shelter on the way to your meditation class

[4]  your favourite tv shows are..
a.  grey’s anatomy + modern family
b.  planet earth + lost
c.  breaking bad + the walking dead
d.  tosh.0 + the office (the old version of course, with michael scott)
e.  the voice + america’s next top model
f.  i’m a channel surfer + love everything



[5]  your dream job is a..
a.  nurse
b.  hiking guide
c.  lawyer
d.  salsa dancer
e.  actress
f.  artist

[6]  your friends would say you are..
a.  affectionate
b.  laid back
c.  trustworthy
d.  enthusiastic
e.  inspiring
f.  sensitive

[7]  your fashion style is..
a.  comfortable + casual
b.  whatever smells clean
c.  sophisticated
d.  hip + trendy
e.  pretty
f.  eclectic

[8]  you’re booking your next epic adventure and of course it involves..
a.  an all-inclusive resort
b.  a safari
c.  learning a new language
d.  bungee jumping
e.  an exotic night life
f.  a yoga retreat

[9]  your dinner is..
a.  steak + potatoes
b.  a hearty bowl of chili
c.  sushi
d.  hot wings
e.  quinoa + pom salad
f.  vegetarian or vegan





tally up your most chosen letter..

[a]  pit bull
you are family-oriented, kind-hearted, loyal and a little goofy.

[b]  labrador – hey!  you + trav are twinsies!
you are easy going with an adventurous spirit and love the wilderness.

[c]  rottweiler
you are smart, confident, cultured and devoted to those you love.

[d]  terrier
you are fun + outgoing and with your high energy level, you are ready to take on the world.

[e]  toy breed
you are stylish + cool, you love to travel and you care about your well being.

[f]  mutt - hey!  you + ash are twinsies!
you are a lover of life, you are open minded and dedicated to good causes + good people.

f a c e b o o k
p i n t e r e s t
i n s t a g r a m