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she brought me pudding.  my face was swollen from having my wisdom teeth removed so she came to my house to deliver pudding.  my friends made it known that the bubblegum flavoured stuff was disgusting, but i… ‘liked’ it…  the truth is, i didn’t know any other 17 year old girl that would make herself that vulnerable after just hanging out twice.  within a week, i knew that i loved her.  but i kept it inside.  within three weeks, we were camping on the edge of a beautiful lake in the mountains.  we spent our days exploring, jumping off waterfalls, gazing at the stars together.  on the last night, i cuddled up next to her in our tent and looked deeply into her soft green eyes.  i was ready to tell her.  and when i did, she said, “i know.  i love you too.”

and then there’s my second love.  my chest sighed as i took one last look at her, my export 2 navy pearl drum set with a double kick.  my mind flooded with memories of some serious breakdowns and jamming with good friends.  when i played her, i felt like i could fly.  but i needed to do this.  i loaded my drum set into the van of a random craigslister in exchange for a new dream… the purchase of my first camera, a canon 40D.  a few weeks earlier i had discovered beloved and what it was like to be a story artist.  to be part of the love and the

laughter,to witness how damn good you feel and to make beautiful art of all the memories… that’s what i want to do for the rest of my life.  well, that and this…

it all started with just one photo.  it was blurry, but even then i could see the sadness in his eyes.  he was a dog without a name, marked as ‘urgent’ on  he had two days left before he was to be euthanized.  but we literally just adopted soda and had lost marley in a tragic accident so i wasn’t surprised when ashley shook her head at the idea of him.  but then i asked her to look at his photo and into his eyes.  needless to say, the next day we drove four hours in a snow storm to meet a volunteer transporter at a parking lot at the halfway point.  once we got him out of the kennel, his spine and rib cage were so obvious, home cooked burgers that night seemed like the right idea.  slurpee needed us to save his life.  and there are millions and millions of good, loving dogs like him that need you.

alright, enough about me.  i’d like to know about you.
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